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Paul Senior Photos | 2017 South Salem High Senior | Salem, Oregon

October 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What a fabulous evening! Paul was such an easy senior to shoot; adventurous, fun, and had a quiet confidence. And the lighting was perfect! 

Paul-39Paul-39 Paul-48Paul-48 Paul-68Paul-68 Paul-75Paul-75 Paul-79Paul-79 Paul-92Paul-92 Paul-116Paul-116 Paul-134Paul-134 Paul-169Paul-169 Paul-162Paul-162



Becca Senior Photos | 2017 South Salem High Senior | Salem, Oregon

October 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Becca was such a dream to shoot! Adventurous, beautiful and fun!! Such a great location too!


Becca-1Becca-1 Becca-9Becca-9 Becca-32Becca-32 Becca-47Becca-47 Becca-67Becca-67 Becca-101Becca-101 Becca-118Becca-118 Becca-134Becca-134 Becca-171Becca-171 Becca-147Becca-147 Becca-225Becca-225 Becca-236Becca-236


Parker Senior Photos | 2017 South Salem High Senior | Salem, Oregon

September 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have known Parker since he was in the 3rd grade and was so honored to capture him and all of his amazing personality! What a fun shoot!! I can't wait to see what adventures life has in store for you! I have no doubt that you will make them fun!

Parker-21Parker-21 Parker-35Parker-35 Parker-37Parker-37 Parker-64Parker-64 Parker-107Parker-107 Parker-117Parker-117 Parker-157Parker-157 Parker-170Parker-170 Parker-191Parker-191 Parker-238Parker-238 Parker-251Parker-251 Parker-257Parker-257 Parker-254Parker-254



Olivia Senior Photos | 2017 South Salem High Senior | Willamette University | Salem, Oregon

September 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What a joy it was getting to know Olivia and to capture her natural smile and elegance. No doubt she will do great things!  Olivia-2Olivia-2 Olivia-53Olivia-53 Olivia-48Olivia-48 Olivia-67Olivia-67 Olivia-77Olivia-77 Olivia-90Olivia-90 Olivia-113Olivia-113 Olivia-120Olivia-120 Olivia-125Olivia-125 Olivia-149Olivia-149 Olivia-165Olivia-165 Olivia-187Olivia-187 Olivia-186Olivia-186


Beautiful Summer Wedding | Shanna & Daniel August 6, 2016 | Emerson Vineyards

September 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

It was a dream come true to capture the love between Shanna and Daniel. The wedding was the perfect combination of thoughtful details and go with the flow which created an amazing evening! Emerson Vineyards was a beautiful location and Joshua Michael Productions made for some great dancing memories! 

B&G-245B&G-245 B&G-227B&G-227 B&G-221B&G-221 B&G-208B&G-208 B&G-180B&G-180 B&G-151B&G-151 B&G-118B&G-118 B&G-19B&G-19 B&G-9B&G-9 B&G-68B&G-68 Getting Ready-8Getting Ready-8 Getting Ready-81Getting Ready-81 Getting Ready-88Getting Ready-88 Getting Ready-99Getting Ready-99 Ceremony-134Ceremony-134 Ceremony-137Ceremony-137 Ceremony-185Ceremony-185 Ceremony-251Ceremony-251 Wedding-13Wedding-13 Wedding-68Wedding-68 Wedding-112Wedding-112 Wedding-165Wedding-165 Wedding-162Wedding-162 Dancing-438Dancing-438 Dancing-434Dancing-434 Dancing-413Dancing-413 Dancing-475Dancing-475 Dancing-527Dancing-527 Reception-51Reception-51 Reception-61Reception-61 Reception-121Reception-121 Reception-165Reception-165 Reception-287Reception-287 Reception-331Reception-331 Reception-398Reception-398