Lindsay Newton Photography | Class of 2018 | Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas

Class of 2018 | Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas

April 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Bridgette-145Bridgette-145 As graduation draws closer, I reflect on the wonderful seniors that I met last year. Each one special and oh, so different! Photographing this age is such a joy! Each session is filled with laughter, fearlessness and I always feel so lucky that I get to glimpse the adult that they are becoming, but can still see the silliness that youth brings. Now booking Class of 2019 sessions! 

Samantha-207Samantha-207 Damian-147Damian-147 Myles-154Myles-154

Alex-357Alex-357 Derek-149Derek-149 C&C-204C&C-204 C&C-332C&C-332 Mattie-51Mattie-51 Caleb-161Caleb-161 Jonathon-129Jonathon-129 Spencer-451Spencer-451 Brenden-51Brenden-51 MacKenzie-277MacKenzie-277 Chase-17Chase-17 Isaak-61Isaak-61 Fox-133Fox-133 Holden-111Holden-111 Sam-141Sam-141 Isaac-135Isaac-135 Jazmyn-103Jazmyn-103 Anthony-193Anthony-193



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